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Tara Movie Review

The movie Tara- the Journey of love and passion got released on July 12, 2013. This movie is themed about women, a girl child and women empowerment. This movie is quite interesting for one hour forty five minutes with the screenplay and story done by Mr. Krishna Kumar Pawar and starred by Rekha Rana as Tara and hero Rohan Shroff. It is said that the team’s hard work will get a reward of more than ten crores. The story is about the different problems faced by women in Indian villages and the ways how a female protagonist Tara faces and win through the same. This movie is directed and produced by Kumar Raj Productions of Mr. Kumar Raj. The music director is Mr. Prakash Prabhakar and Mr. Siddarth Kayshap and the various locations of the shooting are in India like Gujarat, Bhuj and Lagpat. The commercial version of the movie got released in March, 2013. This film’s festival version got selected for the competition in various film festivals like Nasik film fest, Global film fest, Jaipur International film fest and Delhi International film fest. The writer of the movie won the Intentional Award in South Africa for this movie Tara. Also the heroine of the got the best actress award before.

The story of the movie Tara starts with a sleepy village Tanda, which is more than hundred kilometers far from Mumbai. The village girl Tara appears to be very happy with her restricted life and loves her husband who is a liquor maker very much. However, the cute protagonist’s apparently ordinary existence makes ways to expose the silent realities of the darkness and exploitation surrounding the village. Tara guides all the villagers in their search of survival and realizes that she is against something which she is not ready to fight for- discrimination. But the young woman who heroically stood up for her community faces herself very cruelly separated in most of the helpless moments. Finally after lots of injuring and twisting experiences, Tara has to get ready with a choice. This fantastic self-discovering story which is written based on the distressingly common Indian village realities exceeds the unique tribal strife theme for raising a universal question- Will you forever select self respect and freedom over social agreement?  The extraordinary women Tara’s journey during difficult situations discloses the story of passion and love and how she faces the same.