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Sixteen Movie Review

The movie sixteen is about the life of teenagers, the movie was directed by Raj Purohit and expected to release on 12 July 2013.The movie is released under the banners of Paramhans creation and Fincraft Media. The movie is produced by Vishwas Joshi and Shailesh R Singh. The movie is released in the genre of romance to attract the masses. The actors in the movie include Izabelle Leite, Keith Sequeira, Mahak and Wamiqa Gabbi. The story of the movie is written by Raj Purohit and Pawan Sony. The music is released by T-series and background music by Prashant Pillai

Critics review about the movie
The movie is based on the life of teenagers in India; the movie explains the trouble and frustrations teenager's face in their school, home and with the parents. The story aims at delivering correct parenting art to the parents. The teenage period is the most crucial part in a human’s life; it’s a period where children learn about love, relationship and life. If proper guidance is not given, it could end very badly.

There is a lot of difference between a teenager and an adult, nowadays every child use the internet regularly for their studies and chat with their friends through social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. The teenagers are exposed to adult stuffs, which makes them think beyond their age and commit mistakes. The parents shift their burden over the teenager, which creates a lot of problems in a teenager's life. Parents force their children to do, what they like? And not allowing teenagers to perform their own ways.

The movie highlights the various phases a teenager's face in their life like love, dreams and problems teenager face in their day to day life. The story portrays the life of few teenagers, who lives in very hard circumstances. The adults around them trouble the teenagers. The director of this movie Raj Purohit had made the movie very interesting by his excellent screenplay; the music of this movie adds additional strength to the story. The crews of sixteen had done an excellent job to produce a high quality Bollywood movie. The dialogue used in the movie is so realistic, which makes everyone to watch the movie more than three times. I guess the songs like Chad Gayi will be the song of this year .The movie sixteen is expected to satisfy the crowds of India, with its beautiful story line and expects a box office hit.