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If you ask people if they will go and watch “I Don't Luv U”, most of them will say, “No.” If you ask them if they have heard its songs, they will most probably say, “We don’t care!” That is so because not only does the track listing lack sense of coherence but also because each song is equally unimpressive. They are sung by some well-established and celebrated singers but the impressive line-up fails to deliver what it promises and anyone who happens to listen to the songs will most probably shake his head in disappointment.
Here is a list of the movie’s soundtrack:
(Music Directors: Aman-Benson, Amit Kasaria)

  1. I Dont Luv U - Neuman Pinto & Monali Thakur
  2. Ishq Ki Maa Ki - Mika Singh
  3. Do I Love U - Linda M Johnny
  4. Mera Chhuta Guitar - Shaan
  5. Mere Khuda - Javed Ali, Hamsar Hayat
  6. Mohe Apne Hi - Fareed Hasan
  7. Kuchh Hone Ko Hai - Raman Mahadevan, Joy Barua
  8. Mission Tadofier-  Siraj Khan     
  9. I Don't Luv U (Club Version)-  Neuman Pinto, Rob C, Monali Thakur     
  10. Ishq Ki (Club Version)-  Mika Singh
The album starts off with “I Don't Luv U” a fresh number that starts getting stale halfway through. Mika Singh in “Ishq Ki” does what he usually does and may be the only one here who can gather any attention. Shaan in “Mera Chhuta Guitar” is a disaster. Fareed Hasan deserves a mention as an up and coming singer. Apart from this, none of the other songs will hold your patience longer than a few seconds.

If you want my opinion, give this album a miss.