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Shorts 2009 Film Movie Review

A Short 2009 film is predictable story which is established in a new way. This movie is mainly for the kids which contains full of comedies. And the shorts 2009 film comes along with the required bully problem as well as mild rude humor. The young boy in this film living in a cookie cutter suburb. He gets hit on his head with a rainbow colored rock which gives wishes to anyone who holds it in family oriented fantasy comedy  from the Spy Kids. Director of this movie is Mr. Robert Rodriguez.

Violence in the Shorts is frequently played for laughs. School bullies however throw a kid in the trash, threaten him as well as throw rocks at him. The characters in this movie have to fight off a couple of monsters that become visible. Some of the characters in this movie fight throw the rocks and from these one kid tries to make the rock most powerful thing in the world. There are no drugs, Alcohol and no sexual scenes are shown in this film. So it’s more comfortable to see the film with children’s.

This movie shows the imitative behavior of children’s. The bully just happens to throw the magic rainbow wishing rock at the Toe. By this he can discover the awesome possibilities when the boy makes. The main problem is you can’t able to know what is going to happen when the kids start getting the wishes. The magic rock is transferred from one kid to another. So the crazy things are happening around suburb town of black falls. At the end the town is changed by Booger Monster. Aliens disturb the classroom and the ex-boy friend turns into a giant. It is virtually impossible to find what the kids are going to wish and you don’t know what is going to happen with the magic rock that is replaced from the one kid to other kids.

Toe Thompson is an 11 year boy, whose daily school life is miserable by 2 bullying children. Toe’s big sister sometimes rides as well as sarcastic to him. The Scary scenes are low in this film. In more scary situations are highly unrealistic. Some kids can frighten for snakes, booger monster and for crocodiles.

The release date of this movie is 21st August, 2009. This movie contains comedy, fantasy and adventure. It is good to enjoy the movie with family and with friends. The violence in this movie is a medium. And vulgar words are not used in this film. The kids use only the rude words like stupid, loser, etc...