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Lootera Movie Review

The movie, Lootera, is star casted by Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh. The direction to the movie is given by Vikramaditya Motwane. The film is meticulously detailed beautiful and gently woven and boats of its overpowering performances. The calamity could have been more enhanced but art films with its minimalism quality works for it. However, this fact cannot be denied that there is no need for any loo break. 

The plot is set up in 1950s. Varun is a con man who lands up in Manickpur of Bengal to steal an idol from a temple. He loses his heart to the beautiful daughter of Zamindar named Pakhi, while he was carrying out his operation. On the day of engagement, he runs away with his ransom. After many years, fate brings these lovers face to face but in the most peculiar situations. How does Pakhi react to Varun after his cheated love?

Analysis of Script
The story is based on the trenchant short story of O.Henry, ‘The Last Leaf’. The film begins with a fable and displays the variety of colours of people and their relationships. There is a heart warming love between the father and his heart broken daughter, the heart melting romance between the strangers and how they get estranged. The beauty of the story is in its simplicity and is filled with great amount of tenderness. The essence of the original story is blended very well.

The character of Pakhi is essayed more vividly than the character of Varun. The strength of the movie emerges as Pakhi evolves from a vulnerable little girl who is hopelessly in love to the woman who is fighting forgiveness and revenge together. You can feel each and every frame of the film from the gradual attraction to the girl to her heart break. In the scene where she feels that Varun is dodging her, there is a melancholic sense of hope and optimism in it. There is a hint of empyreal in Lootera that wins all through.

Star Performances
The most fascinating performer of the film is Sonakshi Sinha. For the first time, she has charmed the people with her bewitched performance and does not disappoint the audience. The looks are elegant and she does her part with great delicacy. She is the main part of the soul of the film after her spirited performance. Ranveer Singh, however, falls short by a few notches. He is capable of acting better. But still he tries to adopt the character of Heathcliff.

Direction and Music
It is very hard to believe that this film is just a second edition of Vikramaditya Motwane. The film is booming with confidence. The cinematic detailing of Motwane is the reflection of meticulousness of Satyajit Ray. The music of the film is very sensitive and capturing. the editing and the camera work is sublime.

The Last Word
The timber and tone of the film is scrumptious. The performance of Sonakshi is first rate. So I will be going with 4 out of 5 stars for Lootera.