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Life Mein Hungama Hai Movie Review

Life Mein Hungama Hai is a type of documentary film that is based on children that has been directed by Sunil Advani. The story mainly revolves around the two children. It is based on the novel of Ruskin Bond “The running Away “which is very adventurous and so the film is also a great adventure for the children. The story narrated the story of kids who are living in a boarding school of Himalaya.

The two kids who are playing the lead role are Saks Ham Kulkarni and Sonu Bakshi who are playing the role of Vishwanath and Sunny. There are also other cast who are working in the film. It is fun family movie which can be enjoyed with the family. It also shows the balance between the discipline and the freedom which should be maintained by both children and parents to have a smooth life. This movie teaches both parents and children who are suffering the generation gap problem.

Their life is full of restrictions and they both wish to live a life that is full of freedom which is not allowed at their home and boarding school. Vishwanath’s uncle is a sailor and he informs Vishy about the halt of the ship near the India’s west coast and so both friends decided to run away. The coast was 1000 miles away from where they lived and the whole story shows their adventurous journey. The story’s execution is very simple and interesting. It also shows the different people whom they met along the journey and how difficult their journey was.

It will also help the audience to reduce the generation gap between parents and children as they both will try to understand each other. This is a movie which can be enjoyed with the whole family and will also make u laugh and enjoy it. The story’s execution and the role played by the cat was also amazing, but today the film requires a good cinematography too which is absent in the film. It is a low budget movie and so we should wait and watch about how the movie will fair in the current time when big budget multi starrer films are released every now and then.

The film has chosen a good time for the release of the film when the vacation has just started and has able to attract the kids to the theatres. Since there is no big star in the movie thus people are not attracted to it. But for now, the movie is going well according to their budget.