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Shortcut Romeo Movie Review

Shortcut Romeo, directed by Susi Ganeshan is star casted by Neil Nitin Mukesh, Puja Gupta, Ameesha Patel and Rajesh Shringarpure. The never failing action element in the movie, the romeogiri of Neil and the climax are some of the good qualities of the film. However, an ordinary story is treated very overdramatically. This stale treatment of the story is the bad point about the film. You can tale a loo break couple of times while watching this film.

The movie is about a rowdy poor boy from Goa who is highly confident about his manipulative skills and survives in the life by taking a number of shortcuts. He then makes it big by blackmailing a rich wife who is cheating on her husband by gathering proofs against her. These two people fight for overpowering each other. You have to watch this movie to find out who empowers the other in the end.

Script Analysis
Shortcut Romeo is a Hindi remake of the Tamil film, Thiruttu Payale, which has acquired a huge fan base but Shortcut Romeo was not able to translate its quirky soul. The story comes across a pointless and baseless chase game between a blackmailer and an infidel wife without any energy or humour. The adequate force is not enough in the friction of Ameesha and Neil. The film did not need the dramatic blaze that was there between the characters. There is no tension in the flow of the film. The sleazy and cheesy narrative is an ultimate spoiler for Shortcut Romeo.

Star Performances
The performance of Neil Nitin Mukesh will make you yearn for more, but he is seriously made for some better films. He is a man packed with potential and can do a great role than this. How can he waste himself so easily? The acting of Puja Gupta is not much impactful but still she is an eye candy. Ameesha Patel was not fit for the role of a deceitful wife. Her face does not reveal a terrible, cheating, plotting wife. She was a complete misfit for the role.

Direction, music and technical aspects
Susi Ganeshan has a perfect understanding of cinema. But he does not expertise in making Hindi films and thus he has made this movie below his own standards of work. The unrefined ambience of the film has let it down. The movie stenches of known formula have also let down the film. The music of the film is a spoof and its songs pop at the random moments, though Salaam Dua was outstanding. The edgy nature lacked in the film which should have come with the thriller and the screenplay was dull and sombre.

The Last Word
If you go with the rocketing expectations, you will really get disappointed. Susi Ganeshan did not do any justice to the genre of the film. The film was a thriller but did not provide any excitement. The directed wasted the calibre of Neil. For me, the film did not work much and I will settle for 2 out of 5 stars.